Macabre Love


This tutorial is written in PSP9.
It's tested by Aquarius, Paula and Sonja in PSP XI, PSP X and PSP 9. Thank you Ladies for testing and for your beautiful creations


1 gradient, 1 image, 2 tubes, 1 mask and 1 font, you can find them here, but it's maybe nicer to make the tutorial with your own material

Extract your gradient in your gradient folder
Extract your tubes in your tubes folder
Open your mask in PSP and reduce until needed
Open your font, reduce it until needed


Ok let's get started,


1. Open a new transparant image of 640 X 480 pixels

2. Put your foreground color to gradient mqc-bars
with these settings


3. Put your background color to black

4.Flood fill your layer with your gradient

5. Layers - new rasterlayer

6. Flood fill with black

7. Layers, new mask layer - from image
Look for Tyleress_Mask 7.jpg - click on source luminance

8. Layers, merge, merge group

9. effects, 3D effects, drop shadow:
H + V 1, opacity 24, blur 0, color black

10. Put the blend mode of this layer to multiply (opacity stays at 100)

11. Go to your selection tool, magic wand with these settings:
Mode Add, RGB Value, tolerance 0, click on contiguous, no v at anti alias.
Select the black square on the left, look at the printscreen


12. Layers - new rasterlayer

13. Open your image 0636, duplicate ( shift D) close the original image, copy and paste in your selection.
Don't close your image, you need it again later on

14. Selections, select none

15. Effects, FM Tile Tools - Blend Emboss - standard settings

16. Use the same filter again

17. Effects, 3 D effects, drop shadow:
H + V 5, opacity 48, blur 4 color black

18. Reduce the opacity of this layer to 48 and blend mode to dodge

19. Layers - new rasterlayer

20. Selections - select all

21. Paste the image 0636 in your selection

22. Selections - select none

23.Reduce the opacity of this layer to 60 and put your blend mode to Luminance (Legacy)

24. Effects - FM Tile Tools, Blend Emboss - standard settings

25. Open the tube Yoka-StrangeLifeForm-30-12-05. Duplicate ( shift+D) close the original

26. Image - Grey scale

27. Copy and paste as new layer

28. Image - resize image with 80%
make sure there is no V at resize all layers

29. Move your tube to the left of your image and to the bottom, so the breastpart is under the black square

30. Effects - 3D effects, drop shadow:
H + V 5, opacity 48, blur 4, color black

31. Reduce the opacity of this layer to 40 and the blend mode to overlay

32. Open your tube mds5967 Horror, duplicate ( shift+D) close the original, copy and paste als new layer on your work

33. Image - resize image with 80 %
Make sure there is no V at resize all images

34. Image - mirror

35. Move your tube at the top of the image, see print screen


36. Reduce the opacity to 54 and the blendmode to Dodge

37. Layers - Merge - Merge all

38. Edit - copy

39. Image, add borders, 1 pixel black

40. Image, add borders, 10 pixels white

41. Use your magic wand, same settings as before ( 11) select your white border en fill with foreground gradient ( leave your selection)

42. Layers - New rasterlayer

43. Paste your copy ( from 38) in your selection

44. Selections - select none.

45. Put the blend mode of this layer to soft light

46. Layers - merge - merge all

47. Image - add borders - 1 pixel black

48. Layers - duplicate layer

49. Effects - FM Tile Tools - Blend Emboss - Standard settings

50. Reduce the opacity of this layer to 58 and blendmode to soft light

51. Layers - merge - merge all

52. Text tool - create as Vector - Font Ma Sexy- size 36 - stroke wide 1.0, anti-alias sharp

53. foreground color closed, background color is black

54. add "Macabre" in the big square

55. move it to the right place

56. layers - convert to rasterlayer

57. Effects - 3 D Effects - Dropshadow
H + V 1, opacity 24, blur 1, color white

58. Text tool, same settings as before, add your text "Love"

59. Move it to the right place

60. Layers - convert to rasterlayer

61. Effects - 3 D effects - Dropshadow
same settings as before

62. Layers - merge - Merge all

63. Place your watermark and resize to what's suitable to you.


I hope you had fun with this tutorial.

©CL 29-07-2007
This lesson is written by myself, and may not be distributed, or used without my permission!

This tutotrial has been translated by Ronson's Design
Thank you Sonja for the effort.




Gradient: mqc-bars is from Nansons, you can find them here
Mask: Tyleress_Mask 7.jpg is from Andrea aka Tyleress, you can find them here
Picture: 0636.jpg (The artist is unknown to me, if someone knows the name of the artist or subjects to the usage, please mail me, so I can add the credits or remove the picture!)
Tube: Yoka-StrangeLifeForm-30-12-05 is from Yoka, you can find them in this or this Yahoo group
Tubes mds5967Horror is from Marion en Dieter, you can find them on this website or this  Yahoo group
Font : MA Sexy (It is unknown to me to whon this belongs, do you known the name, please mail me, so I can add the credits or remove the font!)






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